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■ Company name ETO Group Inc.
■ Established February, 1935
■ Common Stock 50,000,000 yen,
■ President & CEO Teruyuki Eto
■ Head Office 5-1-2 Nakasu, Hakata Word, Fukuoka
■ Number of Employees 65

In February, 1935, our company, Eto group had started business at Iizukahonmachi shopping street on Nagasaki Road Iizuka inn, located in Iizuka city, Fukuoka, which is known for having 120 years tradition. Eto marks the 78th anniversary this year.
Nowadays, we have developed 6 specialty shops for Watch, jewelry, glasses and sales blanch in Fukuoka and Ooita. We have put effort into after maintenance in order to achieve coordinating service as products with service as human since its foundation.
Two professional technicians for watch and jewelry work in our own studio and we provide quick and accurate repair service or remake maintenance and flexible remake service for jewelry following customers’ request living up to customer’s expectations.
Add we just deal with official import products and provide high-quality after maintenance service therefore you can buy any products with piece of mind.
We will continue doing best effort for customer satisfaction with our products and service. Thank you for your support.

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