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We hope every customers can buy our products without anxiety and use it as long as possible, ETO only deals with official import products.Official import product’s detail, such as costumers’ information, the purchased model, the shopping date, are registered and controlled by domestic service center therefore we can provide secure repair service immediately if by any chance.We think the most important thing is maintenance after purchase.

We have had our own repair studio since we started our business.
Mr.Nakahara who has a technical certified from Watch school in Switzerland works full-time In the studio and he is answered various request from customers in all ETO shops about watch repair.

Our studio can provide any repair service from battery replacement to waterproof test, parts cleaning as long as the manufactures can supply essential parts.

Mr.Nakahara had improved his skill more in service studio in major foreign manufacture after he finished courses in FH Swiss watch repair school as well as his career has been for more than 40 years include establishing a watch repair studio,He is so skilled to repair any type of watch based on his experiences as watch technician gained in various work studio for more than 40 years so that he is called “God Hand ” especially about mechanic parts cleaning.

Please come to visit ETO shops if you have some trouble in your watch.
We have a free estimate service in our own studio, let our stuff know if you want our studio repair service.

※Some premium brands like Rolex are basically repaired in the brand studio

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